Mission Statement

Our Centre's mission statement & main research challenges

The Centre for Cardiovascular Science is a world-leading centre of excellence that integrates discovery, translational and clinical cardiovascular research to transform the diagnosis, treatment and management of people with heart and circulatory diseases.

We are working with local, national and international partners and funders to develop solutions to our research challenges with regional and global impact.

Our major research challenges

  1. To understand the body’s responses to vascular, renal and myocardial injury and to harness mechanisms that can improve tissue repair, remodelling and regeneration.

  2. To identify shared mechanisms and novel therapeutic targets for hypertension, vascular dysfunction, small vessel disease, stroke & dementia.

  3. To identify therapeutically targetable metabolic drivers of cardiovascular disease across the life course in order to prevent disease progression.
  4. To develop novel imaging approaches that will accelerate the mechanistic evaluation of cardiovascular injury and repair, and to use such innovation to guide clinical diagnosis and treatment decisions in patients.
  5. To improve diagnosis, risk stratification, and targeting of treatments in patients with heart and circulatory diseases globally, notably by harnessing Scotland’s comprehensive whole population-linked health care data.

Translational research at CVS is supported and enhanced by the 

The CVS has 49 principal investigators leading research across four themes: