Sending Parcels

Sending parcels and samples from CVS

There are a number of different parcel types that can be sent from CVS but support should always be sought if you have either

  • Never sent a parcel before


  • You intend to send an item that you have never previously transported

The CVS Biological Materials Transport Adviser, Neil Johnston, is available to assist you with this but can only officially advise on those parcels that contain biological or dangerous goods under the Transport of Infectious Substances IATA Regulations 6.2.

The full SOP for preparing and sending biological material is outlined here here Sample Transport | The University of Edinburgh

Additionally since Brexit in 2021 there have been multiple changes to the regulations regarding import of items into EU countries bringing them into line with non EU nations and Customs Services now require extra documentation for importation. 

Examples of pro forma documentation for importation that you may be asked for such as about goods description and item value that may be required to accompany your package can be found here. Pro Forma Documents for Transport | The University of Edinburgh

These requirements can vary from country to country and even between different courier companies; so while we can offer some general advice which has been successful in the past we cannot guarantee that it will make the parcel importation any easier.

Please note that CVS Lab Management do not deal with the organising, booking or payment of couriers for shipments. Further information on these aspects of sending parcels can be found here  Using Couriers | The University of Edinburgh