MOD Research Groups

A list of the current PI-led research groups within the MOD research theme

Principal Investigators and Early Career Fellows

Name Area of Expertise
Ruth Andrew Steroid biochemistry, metabolic flux, mass spectrometry
Ahmad Al -Mrabeh Diabetes remission, experimental medicine, pancreatic biology
Cecile Benezech Adipose tissue–immune system crosstalk, Impact of obesity and ageing on the immune system, inflammation
Matthew Brook Epigenetics and gene regulation
Will Cawthorn Bone marrow adipose tissue, caloric restriction, ageing, sex differences, immunometabolism, imaging, deep learning
Shareen Forbes Pathogenesis of diabetes, organ regeneration and transplant, insulin secretion, pancreatic islets
Margarete Heck Cell Biology, molecular genetics
James Minchin Adipose cell biology, model organisms, genetics, in vivo imaging, CRISPR mutagenesis screens
Mark Nixon Steroid metabolism, visceral/subcutaneous adipose tissue
Sari Pennings Epigenetics in development and environmental exposure; nuclear chromatin control of gene expression
Rebecca Reynolds Pregnancy, developmental programming
Robert Semple Insulin resistance, lipodystrophy, human genetics, PI 3-kinase signalling, stem cells, model organisms
Roland Stimson Brown/beige adipose tissue, obesity and associated metabolic disease
Joyce Yau Steroid metabolism and the brain

Affiliated Principal Investigators

Tim Aitman Diagnosis of rare recessive disease by exome sequencing
Triantafyllos Chavakis Inflammation, immunometabolism
Laura Denby Non-coding RNA regulation of injury and repair processes within the kidney and cardiovascular system
Ruth Morgan Metabolism of stress hormones in horses, humans, mice
Ewan Pearson Diabetes, population health and genomics
Scott Webster Drug discovery

Emeritus Principal Investigators

Karen Chapman Glucocorticoids, developmental processes, in utero effects, metabolism of liver and heart