ULT Freezer Purchasing Information

ULT Purchasing through SCF SOP

CVS ULT Freezer Purchasing Process through Sustainable Campus Fund 2023

This process assumes that the new freezer being purchased is in exchange for an older failing model already within CVS and that it will be supported with a sustainable campus fund application. For an entirely new freezer purchase please see here (link)

  1. Identify freezer to replace

An old/non-working freezer currently owned by a lab group is identified for replacement either through CVS audit, group self-audit or by record of ongoing/expensive to repair issues as determined by external engineer and this is reported to CVS Lab Management.

  1. Make case for sustainable replacement

Outline by email why a replacement unit is required highlighting strong sustainability rationale e.g. outline potential savings that can be made…

  • A significant reduction in energy use and cost,  
  • Increased ULT reliability and accuracy of newer unit enabling confidence that a higher running temperature is able to be used, e.g. -70C instead of -80C,
  • Rationing of contents, kits reagents etc and increased sharing of sample space between multiple groups leading directly to space saving improvement,
  • Organisation of internal storage through use of custom racking and drawer systems to aid sample identification and retrieval – removing the need for longer open door freezer searches.
  • Newer cabinets tend to have higher insulation capacity which gives greater internal storage capacity for the same external footprint, ultimately  giving better lab space use.
  • A well functioning, mechanically sound freezer without door icing or frosting issues aids more efficient sample management and security. 
  1. Monitor existing freezer energy output

Energy use by existing freezer must be monitored and recorded for at least seven consecutive days to assign a numerical value to potential energy savings compared against those for a new freezer based on manufacturer’s information. This data is forwarded to the Sustainable Campus Fund for evaluation.

  1. Costs deducted from SCF Awards

Written agreement is requested/given at this stage to ensure that any costs incurred from disposal of old freezer to installation of new monitored freezer are paid from the SCF award to include:

  • use of approved UoE WEEE waste contractor for disposal of the old freezer (documentation required),
  • costs to relocate the new freezer from point of delivery  to point of use e.g. from ground floor to level 3.
  • Purchase and installation of a new SmartVue alarm monitor for the new unit compatible with QMRI system using either the group’s funds or any SCF award.
  • In addition, any savings made in purchase price are strongly advised to be invested in proper racking or storage within the freezer to aid in further potential energy savings.
  1. Submit application to SCF

Application made by CVS Lab Management to SCF to fund a portion of purchase price and allow potential savings. This should include not only the basic numerical energy saving details but any supporting information regarding the other sustainability and laboratory benefits to be made by replacing an older unit.

  1. Order new freezer

New freezer is ordered and decision from SCF is waited upon.

  1. Deduct agreed costs from SCF award once assigned

Any award received from Energy Office in relation to the savings made by old equipment replacement are received centrally to CVS Lab Management funds where deductions are made for compulsory agreed costs and remaining funds sent to ordering group