Requirements for New Staff and Students

Information on the documentation and training required for your staff or student starting in the CVS

Before your new start arrives, as their line manager, you are expected to have

For Lab Based Staff and Students Only

  • Put in place all necessary risk assessments for your staff/students including

    • Genetically modified organisms (GMO)

    • Biological agents (BA)

    • All lab protocols and equipment 

Before your new start can get their access card, as their line manager, you should ensure that staff or students

For Lab Based Staff and Students Only

Have read all the relevant RAs for their project (see Project Safe System of Work and RA signatory form)


Details on the basic mandatory H&S training your new start is required to do.

This details RAs and training needed for a specific research project.

Information on the RA signatory form

Information on completing Lone and Out of Hours RA

Information of the CVS Training Record