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Dr Sari Pennings

Senior Lecturer


Our research is focused on nuclear chromatin control of gene expression in mammalian and vertebrate embryos, stem cells, reprogrammed cells and yeast-based models. We investigate the dynamics of epigenetic DNA methylation and histone modifications essential for early development, differentiation and chromatin-mediated gene regulation. In addition, we study epigenetic mechanisms in tissue specification, including cardiovascular development and reprogramming. Our research interests include cell fate reprogramming, chromatin remodelling, and chromatin-based gene repression mechanisms. We have discovered that heterochromatin matures late in development but is induced early in mouse embryonic stem cells; and that epigenetic marks can rapidly adapt to cell culture.

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Research Group Members

Name Email
Grace Bailey
Ahlam Harasani

Other Research Group Members

Name Role Email
Silviya Dimova PhD student (IGMM)
Ali Zhang MSc Biomedical Sciences student
Jiacheng Ou MSc Informatics student
Fiona Sinclair Hons intercalated MBChB student
Dr Hervé Dubouchaud visiting Professor (Université Grenoble Alpes)
Dr Karine Couturier visiting Professor (Université Grenoble Alpes)