People & Money Training for Lab Purchasing

Information about training on P&M system for purchasing lab items

Firstly you will need to request a P&M requestor licence, you can apply here for one, using either requester for staff form or requestor for PhD students form.

The CVS Finance/Admin/HR pages provide detailed videos and information on what the CVS specific processes are for using P&M.

For ordering lab items, there are two processes: 

- Online ordering:  you, as the P&M requestor licence holder, can go onto P&M and add items to your basket from the catalogue or punchout sites and then follow the CVS specific process for checkout.

- Offline ordering: for any items you aren't able to find directly yourself in P&M, you should use this process. The procedure is detailed here.

When you are about to do your first order, please contact Karen French ( who can provide training on the CVS specific processes for Lab ordering only.