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Professor Carmel Moran

Personal Chair of Preclinical Ultrasound


The primary focus of my research is  high frequency ultrasound and ultrasonic contrast agents.  In 2008, with Wellcome Trust funding (£516K), I established the preclinical ultrasound imaging facility at the University of Edinburgh and have recently been part of a successful application to the Wellcome Trust to establish a preclinical large animal imaging facility.  Using ultrasound imaging, we can image adult, neonates and embryonic hearts, livers and kidneys and study their structure and blood flow dynamics in real-time.  Additionally using in-house and commerically available ultrasonic contrast agents, we can study the perfusion of organs.  In collaboration with NHS colleagues, I am developing novel high resolution test phantoms for performance assessment of preclincial imaging techniques.

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Research Group Members

Name Role Email
Adrian Thomson Preclinical Imaging Research Associate

Other Research Group Members

Ms Marion Bacou PhD Student, IGMM
Mr Harry Carstairs MPhys Student, School of Physics
Mr Adeel Shafi PhD Student, School of Engineering