CVS QMRI Parking Permits

Information on the parking permits available to visitors and engineers coming to the CVS and how to book them.

CVS currently has two QMRI car parking passes available for use by staff and students. These passes have different booking procedures, so please see details for each below:

CVS Admin Car Parking Pass

General use pass for CVS academic visitors or CVS staff and students requiring a QMRI parking space for a variety of reasons.

This pass is booked directly via email or in person through the CVS Admin team, usually in the first instance that will be Lorraine Vaughan. QMRI Reception will be alerted to the booking being made by the CVS admin team so they are aware for lifting the barrier.

CVS Lab Management/Engineer Pass

This is a specific instrument engineer or lab visitor booking pass that can also be used for lab workers who may have to be on multiple sites to work in other laboratories, transfer samples etc.

The pass is booked directly through PPMS by looking under area C3.02 on the online system. After booking on the system the individual should also inform QMRI Reception themselves by email. QMRI Reception do not have sight of PPMS so will be unaware that a booking has been made unless this step is done. Please also remember to cancel the booking if it is no longer needed.

If you find that the CVS Engineer pass is already booked for the date and time you need it then we suggest in those situations contacting CVS Admin to check the availability of the general pass instead.

Only in the last resort if there are no passes available should you contact QMRI Reception directly about getting a space in the car park.