Coronary and Valvular Heart Disease Research Groups

A list of the current PI-led Research Groups within the Coronary & Valvular Heart Disease research theme.

The Coronary & Valvular Heart Disease theme has several research groups that specialise in various topics within this theme.

Name Area of Expertise
Philip Adamson Cardiology
Andy Baker Vascular injury and repair, non-coding RNA, and advanced therapies
Cecile Benezech Mature cell function, Inflammation, lymphoid tissue
Mairi Brittan Cardiovascular regeneration
Andrea Caporali Ischemic disease, vascular signalling during post-ischaemic angiogenesis and vascular repair
Karen Chapman Glucocorticoids, developmental processes, in utero effects, metabolism of liver and heart
You Ying Chau Adipose cell lineage and heterogeneity, visceral/subcutaneous adipose tissue
Mihaela Crisan Pericytes, endothelial cell interaction
Fernando de la Cuesta  
Martin Denvir Cardiology
Marc Dweck Novel imaging of aortic stenosis, cardiomyopathy, and coronary atherosclerosis
Paddy Hadoke Mechanisms that regulate arterial function; endothelium, new blood vessel formation, and lesion formation
Peter Henriksen Cardiology, Cardiac CT/MRI
Maurits Jansen Preclinical imaging
Mark Miller Cardiovascular effects of air pollution, engineered nanoparticles
Nick Mills Clinical cardiology, healthcare data, cardiac biomarkers and data-enabled clinical trials
James Minchin Adipose cell biology, model organisms, genetics, In vivo imaging, CRISPR mutagenesis screens
Tijana Mitic Epigenetics of vascular dysfunction in injury and hypoxia;  Long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) targeting chromatin, their interaction with Polycomb and RNA binding proteins, Repurposing of PRC2 inhibitors for cardiovascular therapy
Carmel Moran Ultrasound imaging, therapy and ultrasonic contrast agents
David Newby Experimental medicine; advanced imaging of coronary heart disease, aortic stenosis, and heart failure
Bruno Peault Vascular Regeneration
Sari Pennings Epigenetics in development and environmental exposure; nuclear chromatin control of gene expression
Scott Semple Non-invasive clinical imaging
Adriana Tavares PET imaging, radiotracers