Pro Forma Documents for Transport

Pro Forma documents to accompany parcels being couriered abroad

Since Brexit in 2021, you have to provide a declaration to countries in the EU that you are not exporting goods for commercial profit and that they have no monetary value for resale. This document should be attached to the outside of the parcel to allow it to be opened and read at Customs. With this type of proforma you should only fill out as much detail as you can. If there are bits of information you don't have it is better to ask the courier for their requirements rather than fill it out incorrectly.

It also has more impact if you copy the details of your information onto headed note paper and have it signed off by the most senior person you can get from the group. Professor or PIs are best if possible.

The good thing about this type of document is once you have one and it is a successful import you can pretty much re-use it with only very minor changes each time.

Useful Documents
Example Pro Forma 
HS or Commodity Codes