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Education links & resources for postgraduate study and clinical training

The Centre for Cardiovascular Science welcomes students from biomedical and clinical backgrounds from around the world.

Helpful links and information for current students at the Centre for Cardiovascular Science.

Hear about the student experience and why you should study with us in the student videos below:


Giannis Stasinopoulos, a Kidney Research UK funded PhD student, discusses his studies of salt intake a blood pressure using mass spectrometry imaging.


Rachel Bell, a BHF-funded student at CVS, discusses her medical sciences (and craft beer!) background, along with her role in the BHF Schools Outreach Programme.


Eleanor McKay, first year PhD student, discusses her research into Alström syndrome, a rare genetic disease, along with her role on the Edinburgh University Cycling Team.


Holly Woodward, second year PhD student, discusses her research into aortic valve disease and her extra curricular activities at the Edinburgh BioQuarter.


Greg Sutton, third year PhD student, discusses his research into blood pressure and the immune system. He also highlights the collaborative nature of research at CVS.


Katherine Kentistou, third year PhD student, discusses her background and path to studying the genetics of metabolism and obesity.