Supervising your group's animal work

Information on your responsibilities

You are legally responsible for your staff's Health and Safety. 

The University has a strict policy in place for limiting researchers exposure to Lab Animal Allergens, please read Code of Practice for management of Animal Allergens.

Before any group members access the animal facilities, you are expected to:

        These might include:

  1. The use of engineering controls such as, safety cabinets, laminar flow changing stations, downdraught tables, the use of individually vented cages (IVCs).
  2. Procedural changes, such as reduce the number of animals and / or exposure time, dampen down fur and the use of drapes during surgery, and observe animals using CCTV.

  3. The respiratory protection equipment (RPE) required to control against residual LAA exposure

  • Have a Supervisor CHPS profile so that you can manage your group's personal Researcher profiles. For more detailed information, please go to PI/Supervisor CHPS page.

NOTE: If you are entering a facility, you will require a personal COSHH RA.


Managing your group's Health and Safety whilst working in BVS facilities, you are expected to:
  • Read all emails from Occupational Health including any relating to your group’s “fit notes” and follow up on any recommendations.
  • Regularly review your group COSHH RA for exposure to LAAs.
  • Ensure that your group members have read and comply with the above CoP.
  • Ensure that your group members read all emails from Occupational Health.