CVS "offline" Order Process

CVS order process where it cannot be placed via PAM

You will need to follow the CVS 'Offline' Order Process for ordering goods and services that you are unable to place yourself directly via the People and Money punchout sites and catalogues.

You should also follow this process if you need to raise a PO for any other reason, e.g. for a conference or event payment. Please follow the process outlined in the document below. The form should be completed and all relevant paperwork, including emails detailing costs/quotes, forwarded to either CVS Orders or CVS Finance, depending on what you are raising the PO for.

Contact for:

  • Laboratory consumables and equipment.
  • Laboratory-based services, e.g. genotyping.
  • Laboratory equipment service contracts.

Contact for:

  • POs for training/events.
  • POs for payments to NHS and other project partners.
  • POs for services and activities related to research grants, with the exception of servicing/maintenance agreements.
CVS Offline Order Process (644.92 KB / PDF)
CVS PO Form (20.48 KB / DOCX)

 There is a separate process to follow for couriers – see ‘Using Couriers – CVS’ guide.

All orders for goods and services (with only a handful of exceptions, e.g. taxis) must have a purchase order (PO) raised before committing expenditure on behalf of the University.

Please note that the following University procurement rules must be followed according to the value of your order.

  • For purchases up to a value of £5,000, only 1 quotation is required and must be attached to the requisition.
  • When purchasing goods/services valued between £5,000 and £49,999 you MUST obtain 3 written quotes. All must be attached to the requisition and the procurement team will place the requisition with the cheapest. If this is not your preference, please ask CVS orders to put a clear explanation within the ‘justification’ section of the requisition and raise the request to your chosen supplier.
  • Sourcing and procuring anything with a value over £50,000 MUST be conducted in combination with Procurement.

Where it is not possible to obtain 3 written quotes, e.g. where there is no competition for the item and only 1 or 2 quotes can be obtained, you must complete the ‘Quotation Recommendation’ form, which is downloadable from