Publishing Your Research

Information for CVS staff and students on publishing their research

Research papers and other outputs must be deposited in PURE within 3 months of acceptance by a publisher and made available for open access via PURE at the earliest opportunity (and within one month from publication). This is to enable the widest possible dissemination of research and to be eligible for consideration in the next UK Research Excellence Framework (REF) submission.

Please find valuable information on Open Access in CMVM here: (UUN needed to access)

Professional Services and Library have prepared a set of detailed guidelines for all University of Edinburgh authors to help them make their research outputs openly available and compliant with any internal and external requirements.


WHAT YOU NEED TO DO (regardless of whether you are a first, middle or last author):

As soon as your paper has been formally accepted for publication (and within 3 months from the acceptance date) please forward the following information to and include the following required details.


  • Copy of the Authors Accepted Manuscript (after peer-review but before copyediting or typesetting, no mention of the journal on the word/pdf document)
  • The exact acceptance date and if possible the publisher's acceptance email.
  • The date of the original submission
  • A grant number/reference if your paper acknowledges any funding
  • State if it is Gold or Green open access

 The paper will then be uploaded to PURE by the Open Access Administrator and a periodic search will be completed for the online publication. It is helpful to email if you are aware the paper has been published online.


Items to note/tips:

  • The above can be done irrespective of your place on the author list
  • You need to inform if your journal title changes (this could cause delay and non-compliance)
  • Any missing information could cause delay and increases the potential for ineligibility for inclusion.
  • It is the PI’s responsibility to arrange for Gold Open Access fees to be paid. Please contact
  • In case of multi-author papers, please make sure that your co-authors are aware of your Open Access obligations early in the publication process and obtain a copy of the Author Accepted Manuscript from the external corresponding author
  • Deposit in Pure is not sufficient to ensure compliance with most medical funders’ Open Access policies as they require that a copy of a paper funded by them is also deposited in Europe PMC. This can be easily and quickly done by using the Europe PMC manuscript deposition system.