Project Safe System of Work

This details RAs and training needed for a specific research project.

In this document, you will provide 

  • A brief description of the project,
  • The types of samples to be handled (BA and GMO RAs)
  • The techniques to be used to analyse them (procedural RAs)
  • The equipment required and any specific inductions (equipment RAs)
  • A list of the H&S Training courses to be completed
  • Information on further training as required e.g. TC, Radiation or Animal Work

An index of all RAs is available in the CVS Risk Assessment Drive.

In this way you can determine if all RAs are in place for this work. If there isn’t a risk assessment in place then you will need to write one. Please email for the relevant forms.

The PSSW is a live document which is reviewed annually as the project grows, or diverges. You might find it beneficial to write this with your new staff member or student as a training exercise.