Maternity Risk Assessment

Information on risk assessment process for expectant mothers

There is a legal requirement to assess the risks specific to new and expectant mothers.

It is important that any new or expectant  mother working in CVS should have their usual working procedures assessed as soon as possible to ensure that any potential risk to them is removed or reduced to as low a level as possible for both their and their baby's health.

It is recommend that any new or expectant mother inform their line manager or School/Area Safety Adviser as early as possible in the pregnancy in order to ensure that a review of relevant risk assessments is carried out  It should be remembered that the first 12 weeks of the pregnancy are an important time.

In CVS specifically, Neil Johnston will help you complete the New and Expectant Mothers Risk Assessment although a female member of staff can always be requested to do this if preferred.

Neil can be contacted at to arrange a meeting to go through the form with you on a one to one basis and discuss any specific issues you may have identified in your work practices as well as those general risks highlighted on the NEM-1. 

The model Risk Assessment Form can be found here: Pregnancy risk assessment form - NEM1 (WORD)

With guidance on the model Risk Assessment Form here: Pregnancy risk assessment form - NEM1 guidance notes    

After the initial meeting the completed form is filled in and returned to the expectant mother for agreement and signing and kept by CVS Lab Management.  Arrangements can then be made for a follow up meeting usually about 3 months before the due date to discuss any further changes to working practices that may need to be made  for the final trimester of the pregnancy.