CVS Risk Assessment folder

How to access the CVS risk assessment folder

First email your UUN and ask for access to be given to the CVS RA folder.

You need to be connected to the University servers, either using a managed desktop/ laptop, or accessing the University through a VPN. For setting up access to the University's VPN, please go to VPN (Virtual Private Network) | The University of Edinburgh for instructions.

If you have any problems accessing any risk assessments please get in touch, 


  • go to "This PC" and click on the University U drive, 
  • then double click on Datastore folder, 
  • then double click on CMVM
  • then double click on mvmsan, 
  • then double click on scschshared,
  • scroll down until you see CVS-Risk assessments, the double click on that. 
  • Double click New risk assessments folder and pin it to quick access (right click on the folder and I think it's the second option).


Follow the guidance on this webpage for connecting to University file storage. The drive path is  \\\cmvm\mvmsan\scschshared

  • then scroll down and click on CVS-Risk Assessment
  • then select New Risk Assessments folder and pin it to quick access (right click on the folder and I think it's the second option). 


  • Go to the Finder Menu and press Go
  • select Network and a box called Network appears
  • In that box there is only one choice
  • double click on it and 5 folders appear, choose cmvm and double click
  • A further list of 10 folders appear,  choose mvmsan and double click
  • A further list of folders appear, scroll down and select scschshared and double click
  • scroll to CVS Risk Assessment and and double click
  • Click on New risk assessments folder.

This will automatically save the Server as a favourite for you in Recent Items under the Apple Icon so that in the future you only need to scroll down from there to open the folders/documents.