Estates Issue Reporting

Information on reporting building issues in labs or offices including lights, heating, leaks etc.

Archibus is the University Estates Issue reporting system which is accessed through the University Estates Helpdesk System only by nominated users.

Estates Helpdesk & fault reporting | The University of Edinburgh

Lab or Office Issues

In CVS any lab or office issues should be submitted via the CVS Lab Management team ( in the first instance and they will report these issues through the Archibus fault reporting system.

CVS Lab Management operate a proactive audit/ lab check system for lighting, heating, benching issues etc but we don't always catch everything on these checks so please stay vigilant and report issues yourselves to Lab Management. Do not worry if you think the issue may have been reported it is better to do again than not at all.

Serious emergency situations such as leaks, complete power failure or unusual, suffocating or burning smells should be reported to the CVS Lab Management office immediately in person or if out of hours to QMRI Security, 0131 242 9100.

Non Lab or Office Issues

Issues surrounding non lab or office areas such as break rooms, lifts, corridors or toilets should be directed to QMRI Reception and they will raise the fault.

If you are unsure who to contact about a particular issue it is better to contact CVS Lab Management and then we can forward it on to the appropriate person rather than not alert anyone to the issues at all.

Out of Hours Issues

If you are in CVS out of hours or lone working and come across an emergency situation with no lab management onsite presence, in this instance you should contact QMRI Security, 0131 242 9100 or Room E0.10. 

We always recommend that anyone who is likely to be Lone or Out Of Hours working should put QMRI Security's number into their contacts on their phone as a matter of course.