PET imaging biomarkers of fibrosis

This project aims to investigate the use of Positron Emission Tomography (PET) with 18F-Fluoro-Prolines for imaging and quantification of fibrosis.

Combination of three PET images of fibrosis biomarkers

Research Methods and Objectives

Magnetic resonance imaging can quantify established replacement and diffuse fibrosis using late gadolinium enhancement and T1 mapping. However, it cannot assess the activity of fibrosis directly. Non-invasive metabolic imaging of cardiac fibrosis activity will provide major insights into the development of fibrosis during disease as well as serve as a biomarker for development of novel disease-modifying therapies. This project aims to develop 18F-Fluoro-prolines as positron-emitting radiotracers for non-invasive cardiovascular fibrosis activity imaging. If successful, this approach could be applied to a wide range of cardiovascular disorders with major pathophysiological, diagnostic and clinical relevance.

Principal Investigator

Principal Investigator: Dr Adriana Tavares