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CVS Symposium 2019

Symposium Timetable

*Talk titles and times subject to changes

09:00 09:15 Introduction & Opening Remarks – Andy Baker

Session One: New Fellows

Chair: Martin Denvir

09:20 09:40

Dr Mark Nixon "Neutrophils - A key link between glucocorticoids and type 2 diabetes"

09:40 10:00

Dr Robert Hunter "Do kidney cells communicate via extracellular RNA?"


Session Two: Early Career Researcher Competition

Chairs: Phil Coan & Rongling Wang

10:05 10:20 Emmanouil Solomonidis "Role of PLVAP in Vascular Regeneration in the Ischaemic Heart "
10:20 10:35

Hannah Costello "Glucocorticoid excess induces renal vascular dysfunction and amplifies salt-sensitive hypertension"

10:35 10:50

Joe Monteiro  "Loss of MIR503HG promotes endothelial-to-mesenchymal transition during vascular remodelling"

10:50 11:10



Session Three: Imaging Cardiovascular Systems

Chair: Cecile Benezech

11:10 11:30

Professor Roland Stimson – "Human brown adipose tissue – turning up the heat"

11:30 11:50 Dr Mairi Brittan "Single cell RNA sequencing defines transcriptional pathways underpinning neovasculogenesis in the ischaemic heart"
11:50 12:10 Professor Joanna Wardlaw "What can cardiovascular and cerebrovascular experts contribute to understanding dementia
12:15 13:45

Lunch and Poster Judging Session

Food served in the Mary Kinross Room & Posters displayed in the Fyffe room


Session Four: Evolutionary tales: Flies, Fish and Man

Chair: Laura Denby

13:55 14:15

Dr Neeraj Dhaun – “The eye as a window to the kidney: old concepts, better tools, new horizons”

14:15 14:35

Professor Karen Chapman–  "Glucocorticoids and fetal heart maturation"

14:35 14:55

Dr Jonathan Taylor, University of Glasgow – "Hybrid optical gating for day-long 3D time-lapse imaging of the beating embryonic zebrafish heart”

14:55 15:15

Break and Poster Judging


Session Five: KW Donald Memorial Keynote Lecture

15:15 16:00

Professor Ton Rabelink, Einthoven Laboratory, Leiden University Medical Center – "The endothelial glycocalyx, the sweet spot in vascular biology"

16:00 16:15

Concluding Remarks and Prize Presentation

16:15 17:00

Wine and Nibbles Mixer


Poster prizes will be awarded as follows:

  • Centre prizes for scientific excellence by post-doctoral and post-graduate scientists
  • Innovation Prize
  • Edinburgh Imaging Prize


Thank you to our sponsors, WT-IPA and Edinburgh Imaging, for supplying poster prizes.

Edinburgh Imaging