Information on working with Radiation in the CVS

The Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS) for the Centre for Cardiovascular Science is Karen French (email address karen.french@ed.ac.uk).

Before starting any work with radioactivity, please complete:

  • The Basic Course in Radiation Protection in Research and Teaching - this course is provided for those who are intending to use unsupervised (or might be exposed to) radiation or radioactive material in research and teaching. Those wishing to work with radiation should undertake the Introduction and Regulation modules plus any Application Modules that are relevant to their work.
  • Radiation Risk Assessment (RRA) for the work you wish to undertake. Please check there isn’t already one available. 
  • Radiation User Registration Form (RADUSER Form).
  • RETAIN training (RETAIN is an online recording system for recording the usage and disposal of unsealed radioisotopes).
  • A CVS Radiation Induction, please contact Karen to arrange.