Vascular Dysfunction: Blood Vessels, Vascular Disease and Vascular Dementia

Information on Theme 3 of the Edinburgh BHF Centre of Research Excellence

The aim of this theme is to identify shared mechanisms and novel therapeutic targets for vascular dysfunction, small vessel diseases, stroke and dementia.

Principal Investigators

Professor Joanna Wardlaw (theme lead)

Professor Matt Bailey

Professor Andrew Baker

Professor Giles Hardingham

Professor Dave Newby

Theme objectives

  1. To understand how individual vascular, glial, microglial, neuronal cells and supporting matrix proteins influence each other to result in vascular injury in the brain, and the effect of risk factors like age and amyloid at the preclinical and clinical levels.
  2. To develop and utilise optimal methods to assess cerebral microvascular function and injury non-invasively in patients coupled to better understanding of these markers in rodent models.
  3. To conceptually understand vascular heterogeneity across organs in health and progressive vascular dysfunction using animal modelling and single cell transcriptomic approaches.
  4. To understand when vascular injury is reversible, or permanent and progressing, and the impact in divergent vascular beds.

Row Fogo Centre

A new website has been developed for the Row Fogo Centre.  Its research looks into ageing and the brain.  The Row Fogo Centre is a philanthropically funded research hub within CCBS and Edinburgh neuroscience.  It has been funded by the Row Fogo trust since 2001. Find out more about their work by accessing the following link:

Row Fogo Centre for Research into Ageing and the Brain | The University of Edinburgh