Innovation in Imaging

Information on Theme 4 of the Edinburgh BHF Centre of Research Excellence

The aim of this theme is to develop novel imaging approaches and techniques that will accelerate the mechanistic evaluation of cardiovascular injury and repair, and to facilitate rapid translation of findings to the clinic by improving the diagnosis, monitoring disease progression and guiding clinical care.

Principal Investigators

Professor Dave Newby (theme lead)

Dr Marc Dweck

Professor Nicholas Mills

Professor Joanna Wardlaw

Theme Objectives

We will employ our state-of-the-art pre-clinical and clinical imaging facilities as a platform to enhance and to deliver a step change in cardiovascular imaging that will accelerate pathway driven science within our themes 1-3 exploring the mechanisms of cardiovascular injury and repair. Through this integrated pre-clinical and clinical imaging approach, our objectives are the development of:

  1. Novel positron emitting radiotracers in inflammation, fibrosis, angiogenesis and calcification.
  2. Novel magnetic resonance imaging approaches to explore cardiac and cerebrovascular disease.
  3. Novel image analysis approaches to the identification and quantification of vascular, myocardial and cerebral disease including motion correction, co-registration and tissue-mapping techniques.