Cardiovascular Healthcare Data Science

Information on Theme 5 of the Edinburgh BHF Centre of Research Excellence

The aim of this theme is to improve the diagnosis, risk stratification and targeting of treatments in patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease by harnessing Scotland’s comprehensive whole population-linked health care data.

Principal Investigators

Professor Nicholas Mills (theme lead)

Professor Ewan Pearson

Professor Dave Newby

Professor Rebecca Reynolds

Professor Rustam Salman

Professor Catherine Sudlow

Theme objectives 

The next revolution in human health will be delivered through the effective use of healthcare data to improve the diagnosis and targeting of treatments to those at risk.

  1. To establish a registry of all index cardiovascular and cerebrovascular events that links treatment to outcomes across one million residents in South-East Scotland.
  2. To exploit this to train and test machine-learned algorithms that aid in the diagnosis, risk stratification and targeting of treatments.
  3. To evaluate the impact of novel diagnostic and treatment approaches on patient care using smart clinical trial designs delivered through this platform.